Welcome to the USAFA Gold Class of 2023 Spirit Committee!

Our goal is to join with you — all the parents and guardians of the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2023 — to help recognize our cadets as they mark each important milestone of their four years at the Academy.

It is a tradition for cadets to receive a coin for each milestone with the exception of Ring Dance when they receive their Class Rings.

The USAFA Gold Class Spirit Committee raises money from parents, family and friends of the 2023 Cadets to fund, design, and distribute commemorative coins to our cadets for each of these important milestones.

The milestones marked with coins are:

Recognition — Event at the end of their doolie year, when they receive their Prop and Wings and are officially recognized as part of the Cadet Wing.

Exemplar Dinner — The Class will vote for their “exemplar” or role model of a veteran who embodies the values of USAFA and is an inspiration to the cadets. The dinner takes place in the fall of their second year.

Committment — Occurs at the beginning of the third year when the cadets take the Committment Oath, swearing to serve following graduation.

Graduation — At the end of their four years when they will be commissioned as officers in the US Air Force or US Space Force.

Please see our Donate page to see how you can help support the Class of 2023!