About Us

Our Mission:

It shall be the purpose of the USAFA 2023 Gold Class Spirit Committee to encourage, maintain and further participation of parents and guardians throughout the U.S. and Overseas in active support of Spirit Missions supporting major milestones of the U.S. Air Force Gold Class and to support the needs of the cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy as identified by the officers of the Class of 2023, the leadership at the Academy, and the Board of Directors of USAFA Gold Class Spirit Committee.​

Who we are:

We are parents and guardians who want to offer support to the USAFA Gold Class of 2023 as they navigate their way to becoming US Air Force officers. There will be trials and tribulations, triumph and defeat, and the ever-evolving strength of the human spirit. The USAFA 2023 Gold Class Spirit Committee helps to celebrate their victories each step along the way, so our cadets will shine a little brighter. We embrace our “spirit challenge” in this mission knowing the USAFA family experience rivals nothing we could have imagined. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Anyone, not just parents and guardians, can make a donation.