March 2020

Minutes for USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association

Call to Order

A regular meeting of USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association was held on March 22, 2020 via conference call.  It began at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST and was presided by Teri Williams and Katie Silvis, Co-Presidents, with Julie Konkol as Secretary.


Voting members in attendance included:

  • Teri Williams
  • Katie Silvis
  • Jean Anderson
  • Alice Patton
  • Dan Cabo
  • Julie Konkol
  • Stacy Prater
  • Natalie Dennis

Members not in attendance included:

  • Chuck Ahner
  • Stacey Pohl

Non-Members in attendance

  • Mindy Stearns

Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the February 23, 2019 meeting was approved.

  • Dan gave the Donor’s List to the communications Committee as of 2/29/2020. No more donations since then.
  • Treasurer’s Report:

170 families donated to date

Amount Collected:          $38,412.16

Account Balance:            $28,806.72

  • Timeline for Next Coins:
    • 2023 Exemplar has been submitted to Command, but no approval yet
    • Spirit Committee to handle Exemplar Coin without Cadet input.
  • Board Elections
    • By-Laws require we have a Nominating Committee by April with new elections by May.
    • All Board members are willing to continue in their roles other than Tiffani Wills and Michelle Kay as Communications Committee. Chuck has not communicated his intentions either.
    • Teri will send out an Email via MailChimp and post onto 2020 Parents page soliciting for anyone interest in the vacancies. We need to stress website abilities for the Communication Committee.
  • The next meeting will cover and update on the coins, our next phase as a committee, and discussing the process for voting for a new Board.


The next meeting of the USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association will be in April 19,  2020, 7:00 pm EST.

Julie Konkol                                         April 19, 2020 

Secretary, USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association                            Date of Approval