The Longest Recognition in USAFA history:

Recognition for the Class of 2023 began on March 13, 2020.  Eight hours later, USAFA was forced to call a halt to Recognition, and to all activities and classes for the entire Academy.  The pandemic outbreak of Covid 19 brought the entire country to a halt, and the Cadets were hurriedly sent home over the next few days.

Only the firsties remained on campus in order to graduate.  Our cadets finished their spring studies remotely and most summer schedules were remote or curtailed as well.

Cadets returned to USAFA in waves starting mid June through July. Spirits were high on the 15th of August when the entire class was back and finally able to complete their Recognition with the iconic Run to the Rock followed by the Prop and Wings pinning ceremony.

All Recognized Cadets received the Recognition Coin and a Congratulatory card from the Spirit Committee on behalf of all the Parents, Family and Friends.

The Recognition Coin has the Prop and Wings on one side along with the class motto "Prepare for Victory".  The other side has a 3D campus scene with the TZO strips they ran all during the doolie year, the Chapel prior to the renovation cocoon as it was at the time, and of course, the flag and ever-present mountains.  Surrounding this scene are the USAFA core values:  "Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do."