November 2019

Minutes for USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association

Call to Order

A regular meeting of USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association was held on November 10, 2019 via conference call.  It began at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST and was presided over by Teri Williams, Co-President and Jean Anderson, Vice President, with Julie Konkol as Secretary.


Voting members in attendance included:

  • Teri Williams
  • Jean Anderson
  • Dan Cabo
  • Julie Konkol
  • Alice Patton
  • Natalie Dennis
  • Tiffani Wills

Members not in attendance included:

  • Katie Silvis
  • Chuck Ahner
  • Stacey Pohl
  • Michelle Kay
  • Stacy Prater

Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the October 13, 2019 meeting was approved, with the correction of PayDay to PayPal.

Motions / Resolutions Prior to Meeting (via Virtual Voting)

Old Business

  • Communications Update (website, emails) – Tiffani Wills
  • Website is up and running.
  • Mailchimp has been selected for mass emailing since it solves the constraints Gmail poses.  It has a recurring charge of
  • Donations have begun to come in.
  • Names will be listed on the Donor Page unless otherwise indicated by the donor.  At which point, the donation will be noted as Anonymous Donor.
  • Dan is going to check to see if we NEED to send a receipt for tax deductions.  He doesn’t think so at this point.
  • Teri to have access on finance WuFoo website collections for accountability.
  • Mailchimp and Wufoo are integrated.
  • Coin Design – Alice Paton
  • Design was approved by USAFA.  Alice will forward the approval email to the Spirit email address.
  • Terratzo lines were emphasized.
  • Prop & wings are 3D.
  • Back side is 3D.
  • $7,328 for 1400 Coins with plastic sleeves
  • As soon as the mold is approved by Alice and the check is in the mail, the company will start working on the mold production.  It will take 2-3 weeks to finalize the mold.  The order will be placed as soon as the mold is done.
  • Alice will get the Vendor name and address to Dan so he can send the check online from Wells Fargo.
  • Coin delivery will be to the Parent Liaison until local Colorado Springs parents can take possession, store, and disseminate.  Teri will confirm with Marie that she will accept delivery.  Teri and Jean will find a local parent volunteer.

New Business

  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • We have the money for the first two coins!
  • 78 families have donated.
  • Other than 4 checks sent to Teri, amounting to $625,  all donations have been sent via the website.
  • Gross Balance:  $21,836.86
  • Net Balance, after expenses: $ 20,880.68
  • To manage limiting yearly donations to $50,000, Dan will notify Communications and Teri to take down the FB post once we hit the $40-42,000 mark.  As it gets closer, the Website button will be shut off for larger donations.  Any checks received, we will just hold until the next fiscal year (July 1, 2020).
  • Contribution Acknowlegement
  • Thank you notes for each donor – Teri, Dan, and Jean will send Communications a list of donors.  Then Communications will send out Thank you emails to each donor.  These will be timed monthly with the cutoff being the Regular Board Meeting.
  • A “Nudge” reminder for 2020-2021 fiscal year donations will be sent out in the September/October 2020 timeframe.

Action Items / Next Steps


The next meeting of the USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association will be in December 15th, 7:00 pm EST.