October 2020

Minutes for USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association 

Call to Order

  • A regular meeting of USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association was held on October 25, 2020 via conference call. It began at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST and was presided by Teri Williams as Co-President and Julie Konkol, Secretary.



Voting members in attendance included:

  • Teri Williams
  • Jean Anderson
  • Julie Konkol
  • Dan Cabo
  • Alice Patton



  • Treasurer’s Report:

183 families donated to date

Amount Collected:

$39,508.09      2019-2020   Contributions

$2,510.36           2020-2021   Contributions

Account Balance:        $20,075.67


  • Two RANDO donations were made, each for $2023.00.
  • After Natalie’s post, about 8 people donated.
  • Teri will Like and post another announcement to garner more visibility.
  • We seem to be competing with parents raising funds for Squadrons during the Covid crisis.
  • Goal is for an email around Thanksgiving timeframe. Within it, we could mention that donations to us are tax deductible.
  • The Class President engaged the Board for potential upcoming fundraising opportunities.
  • Exemplar Coins are on the way to Stacey at the moment. Stacey can inspect the coins to make sure the enamel on the coins are good.
  • The Class President will coordinate with the Executive Board for presenation.
  • Dan will get the updated donor list to the committee email.
  • A reminder that the correct address for checks and communications:



The next meeting of the USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association will be December 6, 2020, 7:00pm EST.

Julie Konkol                                         December 6, 2020  

Secretary, USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association                            Date of Approval