The Longest Recognition in USAFA history:

Recognition is the culmination of the first doolie year when the cadets receive their Prop and Wings pins and are officially welcomed into the Cadet Wing as upperclasspersons.

Recognition for the Class of 2023 began on March 13, 2020.  Normally a three day event, the activities were abruptly and unexpectedly halted after only eight hours as USAFA and the entire nation were forced to shut down due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid 19.  Like their civilian college counterparts, the USAFA cadets were sent home to finish the spring term remotely.  Only the Firsties remained so they could be graduated.

The Cadets returned to USAFA in socially distant and medically compliant waves throughout the summer.  Spirits were high when the entire Class of 2023 was finally together again and Recognition resumed on August 15, 2020.  Together they weathered the historic crisis and have the distinction of holding the record for the longest USAFA Recognition ever.

Upon completing the iconic Run to the Rock, the cadets changed into their blues for the squadron pinning ceremonies where they received the Prop and Wings pins.

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March 2020

mar 1 recog
March 13th Recognition
2020 March 13th Recognition
March 13th The start of Recognition
March recog

August, 2020

August 15th Back from the Rock
March back from the Rock!
aug rock
aug 6 rock
August 15th To the Rock!
August 15 march to Rock for Recognition
aug 5
August Run to the Rock1

Pinning Ceremonies, August 2020

Recognized August 16th


Recognized August 16th
Recognized August 16th