September 2020

Minutes for USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association 

Call to Order

  • A regular meeting of USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association was held on September 20, 2020 via conference call. It began at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST and was presided by Teri Williams as Co-President and Julie Konkol, Secretary. 


Voting members in attendance included:

  • Teri Williams
  • Jean Anderson
  • Julie Konkol
  • Dan Cabo
  • Natalie Dennis
  • Stacey Prater



  • Treasurer’s Report:

176 families donated to date

Amount Collected:

$39,508.09    2019-2020 Contributions

$927.40           2020-2021 Contributions

Account Balance:    $22,584.62


  • There is enough cash on hand to donate to the RANDO fund for both the Freshman and Sophomore years for a total of $4046.00. Dan will send out two checks, each for $2023.00.
  • Committee members have the Cadet Roster List for our eyes only.
  • Jean & Teri will reach out to Susan regarding a website update.
  • Natalie will post the fundraising solicitations on Facebook. These will be staggered at two different times.  She will hold off until after Teri speaks to the Class President and get specific projects we can reference in the solicitation.
  • Dan has the PayPal login and will send to Teri & Natalie so Natalie can monitor the PayPal income.
  • Only Squadron 9 had problems with getting the Recognition Coins distributed.
  • The Class President wants to disseminate the coins in the future. Stacey has the roster for the next delivery.
  • The Board officially votes to make changes to the website to reflect the new Board members and update the Minutes posting.
  • Exemplar Coin update from Alice:
  • There have been some issues with the Medal of Honor side of the coin that have delayed things a bit. The company had asked for a sample before doing the full run because they wanted to be sure that the Thorsness image side was good, but ironically that side is great. There were some difficulties on the Medal side that were problematic. They reached out to me and we are getting another sample with corrections done before doing the run.
  • A reminder that the correct address for checks and communications:


The next meeting of the USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association will be October 18, 2020, 7:00pm EST.

Julie Konkol                                  October 18, 2020  

Secretary, USAFA Gold Class Spirit Association                    Date of Approval