The Coins

Each coin is given to the cadets along with a Congratulatory card from the Spirit Committee on behalf of all the Parents, Family and Friends of the Class.

Each coin is gold metallic, representing their status as a Gold Class at USAFA.

RECOGNITION COIN — Earned March/August 2020

The Recognition Coin is the first coin received by the cadets to commemorate the end of their first doolie year. One side has a 3D representation of the Prop and Wings which they earned as a pin, along with the Class motto, “Prepare for Victory”.  The other side has a 3D sculpted campus scene showing the tzo lines which they had to run as doolies, and the Chapel as it was during their first year prior to being encased in the cocoon for reconstruction starting in the fall of 2020.  The flag, Polaris Hall and the ever-present mountains round out the scene, surrounded by the USAFA core values:  Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do.

EXEMPLAR COIN — Earned August 2020

The Cadets voted for Vietnam Veteran, POW and Medal of Honor Recipient Colonel Leo K. Thorsness to be the Class of 2023 Exemplar.

The coin features a 3D representation of a photo of Colonel Thorsness next to the cockpit of his plane. His Medal of Honor is represented on the reverse side along with a quote from him “Freedom is the flip side of Responsibility” — something he thought about quite a bit during his years of captivity as a POW. In keeping with USAFA tradition, the Class yells “Thor!”, the shortened version of Colonel Thorsness’ name, each time “2023” is mentioned.

The Cadets also received a brochure containing a biography and photographs of Colonel Thorsness, and a passage from an Oral History for the Library of Congress in which he talked about freedom and responsibility. See the Milestone section for more information.

COMMITTMENT COIN — Earned August 2021

The Committment Coin was given to the Cadets at the Committment Dinner at the beginning of their third year when they take the Committment Oath to serve our country following graduation.

The Coin features two 3D planes symbolizing the Class of 2023 — the F-22 and the B-1 bomber — chosen by the cadets because 22 + 1 = 23. The planes soar skyward over the American flag, in recognition of their “Committment to Serve”. The other side has the Seal of the US Air Force Academy and the Class Motto, Prepare for Victory.

GRADUATION COIN — To be earned June 1, 2023

Stay tuned for the Coin reveal in 2023!